Nicholas Grobler

Knowledge Publisher

I work with experts in their respective fields and turn their exceptional and valuable knowledge into something people can use to solve problems or learn new skills

I have worked closely with several experts for years in the recruitment, career and business coaching industry. I extracted all the secrets, the hidden gems, the things they tell nobody else. The first course we developed for Udemy together is named:

Write a Resume Recruiters LOVE.

You have 6 seconds to convince a recruiter NOT to throw your resume in the trash.

I worked with two retired multi-millionaire business owners who hired and fired hundreds of people. Unre Visagie now spends his time coaching business owners to success. Deon Bothma is still involved in the recruitment agency he built in the UK.

More about me:

I have been working in the online industry for most of my adult life. I lived in different countries where I was privileged to learn how different cultures think and interact with information.

I built a million dollar eCommerce store when I lived in the UK. During this time I spent most of my time understanding how people interact with information.

I also help businesses use the Internet correctly to grow their business.

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