The Kavegirl

Passionate Paleo Chef

KaveGirl is a born and raised Brazilian! Which means that she loves food, health and looking good. Because of that, she is am a really passionate Paleo chef that has been cooking over the last few years. She loves to create new foods to appeal to any palate. She loves to experiment with recipes while keeping them Paleo friendly. As a result, she creates unique recipes that help everyone to lose weight and stay healthy while looking sexy. Without getting bored of the food, of course!

Basically, KaveGirl is here to help you improve your health by teaching you easy to cook Paleo recipes. KaveGirl will spend every day in the kitchen, trying new recipes and showing the ones that KaveGirl loves. KaveGirl will share all of the most delicious ways for everyone to enjoy the Paleo diet. She will be your guinea pig to help you succeed with Paleo cooking!

Stay fit and healthy my friends!!

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