Mark Youngblood

Spiritual Teacher, Executive Coach at Inner Mastery, Inc.

Mark is a transpersonal life coach; a healer, spiritual teacher, and shamanic practitioner; and an ongoing student who is devoted to continuing his own personal and spiritual growth. He is certified in Reiki and Pranic Healing, and is an EFT practitioner, an NLP master practitioner and trainer, and a Master Teacher of the Quantum Clearing System™.

Mark has published two books and contributed chapters to two others. He is an internationally recognized public speaker and was one of the individuals highlighted in the groundbreaking book The Cultural Creatives. His own awakening to Spirit is documented in his chapter in the book, Rediscovering the Soul of Business, Mark is president of his own corporation where he has been offering executive coaching and consulting services to the business community since 1994.

Mark is a devoted father to his son Ryan and shares his life with his beloved partner, Rachel, and thanks Spirit everyday for her presence in his life. Mark’s interests include photography, guitar and singing, song writing, travel, nature, reading, and writing.

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