Mustafa Gamal

Software Architecture Consultant

Mustafa Gamal, Research and Development Consultant at the Software Engineering Competence Center with 14+ years of experience in Software Industry, 7+ years of these sharing in strategic positions. Through his experience in business and software architecture, he provided consultation to organizations on how to maintain a strong Software Architecture that supports Business Agility. Mustafa also helped shaping strategies for organizations in software industry and international NGOs. He provided consultations to startups to model their business and construct their business plans locally and internationally. During his experience as a teaching assistant, he guided many students in finding innovative business ideas that turned to be successful startups later on. Mustafa has a strong experience in Lean Management using Agile Methodologies. Mustafa has a master degree in Cloud Based Applications Architecture and Design with published papers in the same field. His research work was in developing an architectural model that utilizes Service Oriented Architecture methods and disciplines to develop Software as a Service applications hosted over Cloud infrastructure. He believes in connecting research to business to provide most optimized solutions for each unique business problem. Mustafa’s experience includes training in the field of software development from different aspects for about 9 different programming languages as well as coaching the trained teams in their software development projects.

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