Mike Cuggy

Chess lover!

I'm Mike, I'm English and I live in Brixham, a fishing town in the south west of England.
I qualified as a school teacher way back in the 1960s. I also qualified as a football referee and an archery coach but I spent most of my working life coaching and training adults in international taxation and financial planning (which wasn't as much fun!).
Chess has been a friend of mine for over sixty years. I've always loved the game and I welcome every opportunity to introduce its magic to anyone who's looking to learn about it.
As well as being a regular team member of the Brixham Chess Club, I've played chess for the various counties I've lived in over the years and in national chess tournaments.
I've taught chess to youngsters in schools, to residents of retirement homes and to my town's 'senior citizen' chess group. It's clear that your age is no barrier to learning how to play!
I know where all these players find the greatest difficulty and I know how to explain technical concepts in plain and understandable language.
My more advanced online course (The Dynamic Chess Course) has received great feedback over the years.
I've always found chess to be a fascinating and intriguing game and I think you'll find that my love and enthusiasm for it will rub off on you.

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