Michael Vieck

Programmer, Digitial Architect, and Avid Reader

An up and coming student studying computer science at Purdue, Michael Vieck is an aspiring young teacher willing to go above and beyond to help his students. Since Michael is a current student, he has access to all the up to date information on what companies need from developers as well as being able to convert this data into videos.

Some of his skill sets include:

  1. Java programming
  2. Practical Web Design
  3. Android Application Development
  4. Graphical Design
  5. Mobile Operating Systems

Being a teacher here on Udemy is a great honor for Michael, especially since it allows him to extend his teaching skills to students from all around the world! He truly enjoys instructing here on Udemy and students like you is what makes it all worth while.

When Michael is not coding or creating more videos, you can usually find him in the libraries reading up on current technology trends and classical literature.

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