Michael N. Olpin

Professor, Wellness Coach, Author

Hello, I am Dr. Mike Olpin. I am a professor of Health Promotion and Human Performance at Weber State University.

I have been teaching stress management, mind/body wellness, and wellness coaching for over 30 years. I have written several books including, "Unwind," "The World is Not a Stressful Place," and the college textbook "Stress Management for Life." I am also the director of the Stress Relief Center at Weber State University.

I have consulted and coached privately for individuals, community groups, sports teams, and corporations in stress management, wellness, and sports psychology, along with other areas of health and high-level wellness.

I also love sports! When I am not teaching or working on my professor stuff or doing things with my cool family, you will find me on a ball court or field, on my bike, water skiing, running, or enjoying watching some sporting event. I have coached multiple sports including basketball, racquetball, and tennis at various levels of competition, including at the college level.

Check out my full bio and my webpages in the following links.

I hope you enjoy my courses!

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