Michael Marani

Educator & Entrepreneur

Michael Marani is both a seasoned professional educator and professional Amazon seller who earns thousands per month selling physical products. With a Bachelors in Finance, a Masters in Education, and Post-Graduate Certificates in Educational Leadership, Michael has the experience and educational background that makes him uniquely qualified to efficiently and effectively guide fellow entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

Though he is passionate about teaching, Michael began his entrepreneurial efforts when he learned that his income as an educator was not adequate for the lifestyle he aspired for. This led him to start his own tutoring company which took off and generated thousands of dollars per month as supplemental income. Though the tutoring business was a financial success, Michael started a family and very quickly realized that trading time for dollars was no longer an acceptable method to earn supplemental income.

Despite several attempts at earning income online it wasn't until Michael began selling physical products on Amazon that his life began to change. With an automated system in place he was able to earn income 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all while focusing on his three main passions; family, health, and education.

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