Michael C. Bush

Stanford University

Michael has helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs make millions of dollars.

Michael developed The 8 Factors Business Framework while struggling with the rapid growth of his own company. Fighting fires and running from one crisis to the other was the norm, until he started looking at the roots of his problems and discovered that he could put them into 8 categories that he now refers to as The 8 Factors: Mission, Cash, Strategy, People, Culture, Processes, Structure, Leadership. Understanding the interconnected nature of these factors and how a change in one impacted the others, Michael used this business framework to grow his business into the world's largest telecommunications infrastructure development provider which was eventually acquired, publicly traded, and Michael was named CEO of Tetra Tech Communications Group.

As a prolific entrepreneur, turnaround consultant, business advisor and educator, Michael C. Bush has more than 30 years of experience and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs learn how to increase business. Michael's paradigm-shifting approach to business, distills the best content from business books, MBA theory, and personal insight into a powerfully simple and practical business framework for people who are currently running or just starting a small business: The 8 Factors.

A champion of small businesses and job creation, Michael offers refreshingly honest straight-talk with the compassionate tone of someone who has been there. A charismatic speaker, Michael draws on lessons from his childhood, to offer personal accounts that are revealing, humorous, and insightful. Through his entertaining, honest, and inspiring style, Michael forges immediate and lasting connections with audiences.

Michael received his M.S. in Management from The Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. In addition to his management consulting work, he sits on the board of Inner City Advisors and teaches entrepreneurship courses at a number of institutions including: Stanford University and Mills College. Michael is also a member of President Obama's White House Business Council, a group of business advisors that meets at the White House to help shape policy on issues that impact small businesses and promote economic prosperity and job creation in urban areas.


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