Matthew Mueller

Web Developer. Open Source Advocate. Light Packer.

I've been building websites for the last 12 years. In college I spent 3 years teaching college students how to design and build websites. After college I packed up my bags and moved to San Francisco to work for various companies large and small including Yahoo, Automattic and Coinbase. In addition to working for other companies, I've also helped start some web companies including Lapwing Labs, Gittask and Finbox. I put most of my code up on Github for anyone to learn from and use for free.

Over the years, I've consistently tried to simplify complex development concepts into digestable, easy to understand principles.

I'm here to teach you these principles and discoveries, so you are empowered to create the next big thing in tech.

Feel free to reach out with your questions and comments. I look forward to hearing from you!

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