Dr. Matthew C. Andrews, Ph.D.

Educator and Entrepreneur

Dr. Andrews teaches students of all ages as he designs, implements, and evaluates educational programs throughout the world. He teaches teachers-in-training at the college level while teaching integrated courses in STEM projects at charter schools, and counseling students applying to college programs and their first jobs.

Dr. Andrews conducts international studies of youth development. Some of his most esteemed work is on Good Work, Youth Purpose and Entrepreneurship at the Stanford Center on Adolescence. He has help design a number of successful online, educational programs, most notably the free college preparation curriculum offered in thousands of classrooms through Student Paths. Dr. Andrews founded Famplay to encourage parents to unplug from busy, tech-filled lives to engage in learning through play with their children. He founded Maverick Learning to provide elite educational experiences and advising for unorthodox students. He is the Chief Academic Officer at College Inside Track.

Dr. Andrews builds educational programs, conducts international research on human development, and works with leaders around the world to develop better educational systems. Enjoy his online courses on Udemy!

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