Masahiro Wake


I am Masa(Masahiro Wake). I was born in Osaka Japan.

I started cooking in my late 20’s. That’s pretty late, but I am somehow managing to be a chef and work in all kinds of different places.

At age 29, I started working at a Japanese restaurant and stayed in Vancouver Canada for one year.

I quickly learned how to make SUSHI.

After that, I went back to my parents house in Osaka and worked at a udon (Japanese thick noodle) restaurant where we make udon from scratch.
Two years later, I could get visa to come back to Vancouver and work here.

I worked at another Japanese restaurant for 2 years.

Then, I got to open my own cafe resturant near the beach. After 8 years of running business, I decided to sell my restaurant to spend with my family.

After enjoying to spend time with my sweet daughter ,
I went to back to the kitchen in a high end restaurant, hotel’s kitchen etc.
Now I am working as a chef at a hospitality food site here in Vancouver.

I would like to introduce Japanese cooking as sharing my experience and start communicating with people all over the world.

Thank you.

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