Manuel Lorenz

Professional Business Analyst

Having worked as a business analyst in both a major consultancy and an investment bank, I always found myself confronted with both various and complex datasets and challenging client demands. Therefore, the increasing amount of data required constant adaption of new methodologies to analyze data efficiently and to make the move from basic Excel-driven analyses over VBA-driven automation to more elaborate business intelligence tools. 

Being an early adopter of new and quickly evolving tools, I always enjoyed both learning these tools and passing on my knowledge to my colleagues and fellow students. It's that combination of self-taught data analysis experience and its application in a highly competitive consulting environment for various clients which gave me the ability to evaluate tools from an industry perspective as well as from a learner's perspective. The latter also allows me to identify the pain points students might hit when learning these tools.

Since I always found it hard to find high quality, understandable and comprehensive learning materials focusing on the key capabilities of the specific tools, I decided to take a shot and to create such materials on my own.

And of course I am not only passionate about creating these materials but also about passing on my knowledge using these materials to you.

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