Maggie Stara

Social Media Manager & Creative Teacher

Hi, I’m Maggie!

A Canadian freelancer, creative travel blogger and social media ninja! 

As a full-time digital nomad, I have travelled all over the world while working from my laptop. 

I started out just like you, interested in working online but struggling with the lack of quality courses out there. It wasn't until I found social media management that I felt like something just clicked for me and all of the pieces of the puzzle began to fit together. 

Since that day, my clients have been featured in The Huffington Post, ProBlogger, The Sydney Morning Herald and Cosmopolitan, just to name a few. 

Along with creating and managing complex social media strategies, I have also been responsible for overseeing several six-figure product launches and campaigns. 

My passion for teaching comes from a combination of insatiable creativity and a never fading need to pay it forward and help as many people as I can to quit their 9-5 and never look back! 

My teaching style is conversational, incredibly hands-on, and focused on accommodating different learning styles.

Ultimately my goal is simply to take the daunting guess-work out of working online and teach social media in a way that makes you empowered and excited about your future as a digital nomad!

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