Lionel Mitelpunkt

Always learning. Always positive. Always heading forward.

Lionel enables people to use their gifts of creative confidence and positive communication for the purpose of their passion and creation. He works with individuals and organisations on adapting to change and telling their story in authentic ways using innovative tools. Lionel is also an educator, speaker and mentor in various programs such as future scientists and innovators program at Tel Aviv University, numerous Hackathons, Elevation Academy's Community Management course and recently spoke at SXSW on the topic of “Building participatory cities” a panel organized by Burning Man organization.

Content and Digital Director, strategist, educator, and artist, using technology as a way to create authenticity and further innovation. He works with individuals, start ups, and corporations in creating clear channels of communication and in constructing their personal narratives using new world tools and old world genuineness.  In 2014, he cofounded Shift, a global consultancy company addressing using social media and technology for authentic communication, along with two Forbes 30 under 30 honourees. He has also brought his skills to the nonprofit sector at the Muslim Jewish Conference, FablabIL, Midburn & Burning Man, Grain Anat and others... For the last two years, he has been teaching courses at Tel Aviv University in the intersection of technology and society.  He is a global citizen.

Since February 2017 Lionel is proud to be working as the new initiatives content director at Partnership2Gether - Jewish Agency For Israel  

Currently based in Jerusalem, Israel.

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