Leon Chaudhari Academy

7-Figure Entrepreneur & CEO of Teaching Hero

Welcome to the Leon Chaudhari Academy! 

I am the CEO of Teaching Hero, the #1 online teaching agency worldwideinvestor and award-winning teacher! Family and health first, afterwards business development, speed learning and traveling! 

I have worked together with some of biggest brands in the world and have generated 5-, 6-, and 7 figure businesses together with my clients. In the last years, I taught over 6000 students personally and received awards for my teaching! 

With this online academy, I want to hand you all the tools to succeed in life! We will cover business development, public speaking, psychology, health, fitness, writing and so much more in this academy!

For every course, I offer free course books and support! I genuinely care about you and want you to get the greatest benefit possible from my courses! 

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