Larrell Stennett

Financial Trend Trader

London based independent Financial Trader. Larrell Stennett has been trading for several years and he brings a wealth of experience in US Equity Markets and Options at Scofield Trading. Before embarking into the world of trading, he spent many years in advising high net worth clients on mortgages and property insurance.

During this time, Larrell has always had a keen eye for trading however, other commitments have always prohibited him from trading proactively. This was until he was shown a few simple strategies that once executed, worked well while still allowing him to continuing to advise clients on lending on a day to day basis. Over time, while continuing to apply these strategies in various markets, this has allowed Larrell to build a substantial fund and subsequently led to financial freedom.

Larrell's strategy ethos is based on several simple rules. One of which is – low risk, high reward!

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