Kishon Deori

Business Intelligence expert , Animator & video compositor

I have a Business Management degree from Bangalore University and a long time Excel expert. I create professional Excel reports/dashboards for top clients and conduct Excel workshops for business professionals. I'm also a 2d and 3d animator with video compositing expertise. I have excelled in VBA animation subject which is unknown even to the advanced Excel user. I have taught many professionals on how to add animations to Excel dashboard, reports and add great functionalities. I like to be productive and creative at work. I like to continuously increase my skills and stay in tuned with the technology industry. Am also a hard core iOS music apps user and like to record my guitar right into my iPhone and mix and master the entire song right within mobile. Besides desktop editing, I do professional video composting and editing right in Android high end phones with paid subscriptions to some great apps that amazes me with the capability of video productions right from your pocket! 

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