Kraig Mathias

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Kraig Mathias is the founder and president of Minneapolis Minnesota based Mathias Media, specializing in the design and development of custom Wordpress websites for entepreneurs and small businesses. He's also a former blogger, podcaster and COO of a $3 million internet marketing agency.

Originally from rural Minnesota, Kraig first learned small business offline, mowing lawns, pushing carts and pumping gas. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Business degree at the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management in Entrepreneurial Management, Kraig entered the internet space, where he has now spent over a decade in, learning and doing.

For six years, Kraig helped an Eagan Minnesota based internet marketing agency grow from $250k to over $3m in revenue. By leading the internet marketing for hundreds of the most successful retail businesses in North America, Kraig learned how to use the internet to be successful in business.

Following Kraig's role as COO, he founded Mathias Media, which is the result of 20 years of intensive small business experience.

Today, Mathias Media has clients from all over the world and is internationally known in the online entrepreneurship and self published author space as a leader in custom Wordpress design and development.

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