Kimberly Law

AICI CIP, Certified Image & Etiquette Expert

Kimberly Law is a Certified Image & Etiquette Expert and principal of Personal Impact International founded in 1999. She is an author, speaker and works with companies, men and women helping them refine their look from head to toe and enhance professional communication, to look and act their very best, always!

Kimberly has demonstrated her expertise through the media across Canada, the US and most recently China.

She is one of one fewer than 150 consultants, world-wide and the first in Western Canada to receive international recognition as a Certified Image Professional (AICI CIP), through the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). She is Past President of AICI, having served as AICI’s International President 2011-2013. Since 2010 she is also a Founding Director for the Institute of Image Training and Testing International (IITTI) a international non-profit organization advocating global business etiquette standardization.

Kimberly is the author of several ebooks including the 'Personal Impact Complete Guides to IITTI Level 1 Standard', and co-author of two books including - Image Power a comprehensive guide to building confidence and making a great impression. She also joined Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins & Stephen Covey in - Bushido Business, The Fine Art of the Modern Professional.

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