Kimberlee Hayward

Crowdfunding Campaign Authority


As a successful marketing professional for over 20 years and author of Brilliant Marketing!, in 2012 I began working with the founder of a niche market crowdfunding platform. As we worked together, I became fascinated with crowdfunding; specifically with finding the answer to the question "why do some projects get funded while others fail?" I wanted to know not only for my own bad self, but so that I could teach others.

I researched and analyzed hundreds of projects. And then hundreds more. I dug deep to learn the truth behind the hype and to learn where marketing and crowdfunding intersected. I literally ate, drank, and slept "crowdfunding" and only knew I'd gone too far when I started dreaming my kids were being named as "perks!" (True story.)

The hard work paid off. I discovered that some very specific things make some crowdfunding projects wildly (or mildly) successful while others fail. I ran small projects and larger projects; I learned what worked and what did not work. And what I do now, is teach: I teach everything I learned from research and experiences to help people like you, create and run successful crowdfunding campaigns.


With over 25 years in IT and marketing, I have worked for Fortune 100 and 500 clients, public and private organizations, and start-ups nationally and internationally.

I was the Small Business expert on KTLK radio's weekly Business Beat show, won numerous public speaking awards and the Rocky Mountain Printer's Association Honorable Mention award for marketing collateral designed for the Sportsclub Car of America Association (SCCA). I sat on the board of several Chamber organizations, and was a founding member of the Parker Rotary Club in Colorado.

In 2011 I made a life-time dream come true and moved to Alaska; site unseen and no job. Just four suitcases, four carry-ons, and one amazing 11 year old son, Desi.

Best. Decision. Ever.

I was fortunate enough to become the first Marketing Director for PIP Printing & Marketing and worked there until launching my own business once again:

I currently teach workshops on marketing and crowdfunding for the Anchorage Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Anchorage Chamber, and other organizations. I also teach the middle-school and high-school students business and crowdfunding class at Excellent Children Kung fu Academy (a "group homeschool" in Anchorage), and I sit on the board for Anchorage's Promise.

I have a B.S. degree in Natural Health (magna cum laude) with a second degree 75% complete (Computer Science with a Psychology minor). I am certified by the Direct Marketing Association and am currently working becoming certified by the Social Media Institute.

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