Kieran Moloney

App Developer & Entrepreneur

Hi! My name is Kieran. I specialise in designing, developing and monetizing mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Systems from University College Cork (UCC). I previously held engineering roles in technology at two multinational financial services companies in the UK and USA.

In recent years, I decided to focus fully on my passion for designing and developing mobile apps by founding my own mobile app development company. To-date, I have self-developed iPhone and Android apps for a wide range of clients, from leading universities to multinational financial services companies with thousands of employees worldwide. I take great pride in developing fast, reliable and beautifully designed iPhone and Android mobile apps that people love to use again and again.

I am passionate about helping people, young or old, overcome the challenges that they face when designing, developing and monetizing mobile apps for iOS and Android. In my courses, I will teach you all of the mobile app design and development skills that I have learnt from my industry experience over the years in short, concise and easy-to-understand tutorial videos.

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