Kal Zurn

Option Trading for Rookies

I am a regular guy with no finance background, who has spent the last 5 years with the help of the online Financial Network, Tastytrade, learning how to trade options successfully.  

You can find me on their site as a "Rising Star" and now I want to share my hard earned knowledge with all of you in a more concise and easy to understand program.  

I have distilled the art of Trading Options into a handful of videos that anyone, using just the calculator on their phone, can easily learn and use to make consistent returns in the stock market for the rest of their lives.  

This is not a "Get Rich Quick" Scheme.  This is the Art of Building Wealth and teaching you to get to the point where "your money makes more money than you do" (as a friend of mine so artfully put).  Nobody cares more about your money than you do, so stop paying other people to manage it when I can teach you to start doing it yourself in only 15 minutes a day.  

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