Julian Melanson

Film Director & Teacher

"I'm a full-time film director & online instructor who teaches aspiring filmmakers how to create incredible film careers and videos.

As a young kid I'd listen to music with my headphones on full blast, imagining scenes and stories that fit together perfectly with all the sounds I was hearing. I then quickly found my life's passion, creating films that engage the visual and auditory senses in ways that move people.

Today this passion has lead me to do the same thing, on a much larger scale.

Through creating high end commercials with well-established clients, artists, and brands from around the world, I’ve discovered what make films great.

I found out that it doesn’t matter what budget you have, which software your editing on, or what equipment you own. What DOES matter are the underlying principles and techniques behind what you do that creates something amazing. 

Learning this on my own outside of “traditional” schooling, I truly wanted to create a space where others could benefit from the knowledge I'd gained. I created a youtube series designed to “help creative minded, turn their passion into a career.” 

Today, this channel has been showcased by film festivals and websites such as, "NoFilmSchool" with over 2.1m views & 35k inspired followers

Now, I’m bringing these teachings deeper and more in depth to the students of Udemy. 

Where I will literally, teach you everything I know about:

○ Directing, filming, and editing like a (boss) talented professional. 

○ Turning your passion into a career, aka making money doing what you love.

○ Enhancing your creativity and becoming a CREATOR.

A little more about my film background:

Founder & Creative director at Visual MVMT
November 2007 to Present
At this Los Angeles based, fully in-house creative agency I've produced, directed, filmed, and edited a bajillion projects with clients such as:

• Hermes Paris
• Levi’s
• Kaskade
• The Ritz Carlton

Director of Visual Media at DJcity
August 2010 to Present
DJcity is the world’s leading subscription-based record pool for DJ’s, musicians, and producers. 
Since coming on board, I've worked with Red Bull, Pioneer, Serato, and our social media has grown to:

• 27k Twitter Followers
• 68k Youtube Followers
• 421k Facebook Likes

Filmer & Director at Destination Luxury
April 2009 to Present 
Destination Luxury is an online magazine that focuses on the luxury market. I've worked alongside the Destination Luxury team to create cinematic films and marketing campaigns in locations such as: 

• Honolulu, Hawaii
• Montego Bay, Jamaica 
• Mykonos, Greece

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