Juan Lugo

Fitness Trainer

My name is Juan Lugo and I'm a fitness trainer and Reebok brand ambassador from Miami, Fl. I've been in the fitness industry for over 7 years. I believe fitness should be fun, purposeful, structured and challenging. I've practiced karate, breakdancing, football, volleyball, cross country running and baseball just to name a few. I've been active my entire life and engaging in so many different activities has given me tremendous insight in what it means to be fit and healthy.

Fitness though, is not my passion. That's right. People are my passion. I love to help others, to motivate, to push and to teach. There's tons of ways to get fit. But more importantly than what you do to get fit is how you do it.

Fitness is not something you do two months before summer. Fitness is a way of life. My job as a fitness trainer has been to cut corners for my clients by giving them the best, and latest developments in the health and fitness industry.

I'm also passionate about technology and design. I love to create, to learn online and to read.

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