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I created Learn to Direct by Watching Movies after completing film school and realizing there were no fun and easy ways to learn the fundamentals and techniques of film directing - inside OR outside film school. 

Most of the films that are used to teach directing in film school are old, foreign films that have little connection to the way movies are made today. And most of the books you read are long, boring, highly technical books that do NOT make learning easy or fun.

I thought, "There is no reason why ANYONE with an interest in film can't learn about directing without going to film school, without watching old foreign films, and without reading these boring technical books." 

Learn to Direct by Watching Movies was born.

I have worked on dozens of indie films and judged hundreds of movies as a film festival judge and the one thing missing from most movies is an understanding of film directing. 

My mission is to change that with this course.

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