Jesse Dietrichson

Content Developer at Microsoft

I am a software developer with much experience in both desktop and mobile application development. My primary programming languages are C#, Java, and C++. I currently work as a Content Developer at Microsoft. I've worked on many projects including building business management, instant messaging / VoIP, and professional e-sport anti-cheating software. In mobile development, my most recent project was BounceBak, a social media application to share videos and pictures in a fun new way. My ultimate goals and future plans consist of creating my own software company, and continuing my education to obtain a Ph.D. I want to use my knowledge to eventually become a college professor and teach others the amazing content I have had the opportunity to learn. I feel that I have the ability to take topics that are very complex and explain them in a way that makes it easy for anyone to understand. Programming is my life, and teaching is my passion.

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