Jeremiah Maestre

Owner and Operator of MAESTRE & KNIGHT LLC

Jeremiah Maestre, a Filipino born fighter that took a different approach with the sport of boxing, created MAESTRE and KNIGHT in 2013.

Born December 23rd 1989 in Quezon City, Manila, Philippines Jeremiah and his family made the move to San Francisco at the age of three. Growing up in the East Bay Area Jeremiah made his way down to Southern California in 2008. It was at this time Jeremiah started his involvement in the local mixed martial arts scene. Jeremiah competed in multiple Brazilian jiu jitsu matches, local kickboxing fights, and MMA shows under the wing of MMA legend Bao Quach. During Jeremiah's training he met his boxing coach Mario Angelito, and quickly fell in love with the sport; the technicality, the training, the discipline, and the culture. After competing in a few local boxing shows and a couple out of state tournaments, that is when Jeremiah decided to take a different approach with the sport. Jeremiah strongly feels that everyone should be given the opportunity to experience the art of boxing training. Now as the Owner and Operator of MAESTRE and KNIGHT, Jeremiah spends every day promoting, teaching, and spreading his love of boxing to the local community through classes, private training, and online media content.

We encourage you to step outside of the fitness norm and experience training with Jeremiah in one of his boxing classes, private training sessions, or online courses.

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