Jennifer Glover

Certified English Teacher

Jennifer is a native English speaker from Canada. She has a Bachelor's degree in Education and in French language, as well as a TEFL certificate (to Teach English as a Foreign Language).

Teaching Background:

  1. Jennifer has been teaching English to adults online for many years to students from all over the world.
  2. She also taught one-to-one private English lessons to international students at her university.
  3. She was a manager at a top English language school in London, UK for more than 3 years. There, she regularly communicated with students from many nationalities and from all English levels and she also learned professional teaching techniques.
  4. She helps her students to become more fluent and have more confidence in speaking English.

Language Background:

  1. Jennifer speaks French fluently and she is trying to learn Japanese and Thai.
  2. She grew up in Canada but she has also lived, studied and worked in France, the UK and in Thailand.
  3. Jennifer understands the difficulties of learning a new language (since she also likes to learn new languages) and she is passionate about helping students communicate better in English.

Through her passion for languages she created the English Express Online learning series - Tailored English Lessons for your Native Language.

How students describe her teaching:

"I trust the teacher as she always gives me appropriate and precise advise. She always gives me a class of rich content. I'm very satisfied with her class." - Tomoko, Japan

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