Jayson Gayle

Jayson is an IT professional with more than 8 years of IT experience.  He is currently working as a Systems Administrator and as a Security Specialist.  In his current role, he handles functions such as installing endpoint security tools and running vulnerability scans.

Jayson got his start in IT working on 24/7 help desks for large companies.  His first IT job was on a help desk that fielded calls for everything from servers and computers to the AC being too cold.  He then moved on to a help desk where he was required to work nights, weekends and holidays.  This inspired him to go back to school and start to pursue career certifications.  He was able to find a desktop position with another company and immediately started towards his bachelors and achieved several certifications.  This allowed him to quickly move into a Systems/Network Administration role.

Jayson currently holds an Associates Degree in Network Administration, a Bachelors in Information Security, and a CISSP, CeH, Security+ and several other certifications.

Jayson has persevered and to put in a lot of hard work using his personal time to accomplish his goals up to this point.  If you take the same approach with your learning, your career will eventually reap the benefits.

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