Jason Baigent

Reiki Master Teacher, NLP Practitioner & Educator

I am so excited to be here and even more excited about the possibility of working with you.  

I am originally from New Zealand, but have lived and worked for the majority of my life in London and Asia.

By profession I am an educator, and love academia...however not in a standard fashion nor delivered in prescriptive measures!  The majority of my career has been delivering education or providing educational opportunities for communities previously forgotten or ignored.  Working in urban inner city comprehensive schools labelled as "failing" has allowed me to interact with the most amazing and talented students, staff, parents and communities...and together we have created schools and instituitons now regarded as outstanding and leading the way for future education. All achieved because of our joint belief and absolute conviction.

Aside of the 'day job' I am a holistic spiritual practitioner.  I am a qualified and certified Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Worker, NLP Practitioner and NLP Life Coach.  I also provide Clairvoyant Auric Readings.

I have been able to read auras and receive clairvoyant messaging since I was a child.  As a child I assumed everyone could see what I saw, could hear what I heard and knew that messaging from the divine was ...well...normal...

As a teenager I grew to realise I had to hide my gifts...and then as a young adult I denied their existance.  

Only after many of lifes turmoils and heartbreaks did I realise that the main issue I faced was denying my truth and denying the gifts that had been granted to me.  As soon as I was willing to accept...life became magical and illuminating. I thank Tareq for showing me the way.

It is now my journey to guide and facilitate every possible person to explore their gifts.  I truly believe that every person on the earth today has the gift of foresight, of clarivoyance, of clairsentience, of clairaudience...but they need to allow, to accept, to believe and to trust.  

I hope that together,  you and I, along with all those we meet on this path will be able to come together, to illuminate the true way and to bring holistic health, spiritual well-being and love to mankind.

We truly are the people we have been waiting for....

In light, In love and with infinite blessings,

All my relations

Jason x

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