Janet Luke

Urban Sustainable Living Expert and Author

I am a Landscape Architect with a Masters in Resource and Environmental Planning with Honours. I have a passion for permaculture and urban sustainable living. I have published three books Green Urban Living, Embrace Your Space and Backyard Bounty. I run a interactive website called Green Urban Living and run courses and workshops both in my garden and online.

I have always enjoyed growing vegetables but since having our three children I have become more and more concerned about the state of our environment and the rising cost of living. I want our kids to learn where food comes from and how to grow it, I also want my family to do our bit for the environment and as I do have Scottish heritage, I want to save money and learn to live a more frugal lifestyle, without having to give up my daily Lattes!

Many people think that if you live in an urban environment you can't grow your own food or have animals but after looking through my web-site you will see that that is not the case. My goal is to help you produce more and consume less in ways that make you and your family live a more healthy, sustainable lifestyle, connected to nature, whilst saving money. There are so many ways we can all live more green and eco friendly.

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