James Fiorentino

Serious Piano Coure

Born in 1973 in Canada, Rubio distinguished himself at a very early age with his

musical abilities. At the age of eight, he won a scholarship to study with Kawai, and at

age ten he was winning prizes in music festivals at the national level and recording

classical music for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

As an adult, he played with several Canadian recording artists, including Kenny Shields

(from Streetheart) and Ray Lyell. In 1991, he moved to Toronto, where he kept on

broadening his horizons.

In 1994, he started playing salsa with the internationally acclaimed singer Lalo

Rodriguez, and from these concerts, he started getting more work in the areas of salsa

and merengue. In 1997, he made a definitive move to New York City, where he lived for

the next eleven years. During his time in New York, he held various positions as director

of music in various churches, playing mainly gospel music.

In 2008, he moved to Bogota, and currently Works as a musician and independent

producer. Since January of 2009, he has also been working as a professor at the

prestigious EMMAT, member of the Berklee School of Music International Network.

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