Jake Wolinsky

ESL Lecturer at an American university Language Academy

I began working in the field of second language acquisition in 2005 as a language assistant for the University of Florida’s Department of Academic Spoken English.During my two years there, I taught various aspects of spoken English (phonetics, sociolinguistics, etc.) to international graduate students from various language backgrounds (Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Spanish). I have also taught English abroad in multiple countries, beginning with a post in Madrid, Spain in 2006. In 2007 I graduated from the University of Florida with Bachelors degrees in Linguistics and Spanish and minors in French and Teaching English as a Second Language. Subsequently, I worked at the Speech & Hearing Clinic at UF as a curriculum designer for a computer program designed to help with accent reduction. After completion of the program, I moved to Taipei, Taiwan, where I worked as an English teacher while studying Mandarin. I eventually returned to the University of Florida to pursue my Master degree in Spanish, where my course work focused on literature, linguistics, and second language acquisition. During my 2-year graduate student career, I taught beginning and intermediate Spanish for the University of Florida.After receiving my M.A., I began lecturing at the University of Florida’s English Language Institute where I taught an extremely diverse student population for more than a year. In August of 2012, I accepted a position teaching at a Chicago university, where I currently teach mainly-advanced level language courses.

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