Jacob & Ryan Merkley

Co-Founders of Power Over Life

Jacob & Ryan are the co-founders of Power Over Life - an online website geared towards teaching important life skills to help others gain power OVER their lives. 

Students, fans, and life skill enthusiasts say Jacob & Ryan's down-to-earth approach to life creates an easy way to learn.

Forever students of life, Jacob & Ryan continually try to improve, learn, and grow personally and professionally.  

Jacob has a degree in Accounting and has spent almost a decade in the financial, accounting, and retirement realms.  Most recently, he has gained exposure to the world of Fortune 500 companies, while working for Gamestop.

Ryan has a masters in Nanoscience and continues to have a love for researching everything that you can't "see with the naked eye".  Before receiving his masters degree, he worked for Apple as an Apple at Home Advisor.

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