Jackie Burgoa, MBA, MSF

Growth Hacker, Digital Marketer - Fintech & Crowdfunding OCD

Hi! I'm Jackie Burgoa. I have a degree in Architecture from U.C. Berkeley. An MBA from Nova University, a Master of Science in Finance from FIU and you might say I eat, breathe and sleep business growth!

I am a full-time Digital Marketer. My company Marques [dot] so specializes in Sales Funnels.  iPIvot [dot] co, is a Self-Serve Turn-Key advertising platform for marketing campaigns & remarketing.  AnimatedVideoEffects [dot] com specializes in Intros, Outros and other Video Effects for Video Marketing.  Last, but not least, iGrowHack [dot] com (soon to go live) will specialize in piggybacking on other successful companies’ web traffic.


I earned the “National Leadership Award," “2,000 Notable American Women," “National Dean's List Award of Merit" and “The National Leadership Honorary Co-Chairman Award." In addition, I was nominated “Forbes 30 Women to Follow on Twitter" and "100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter” I am also a Member of "Forbes' Insights Advisory Panel".


I am the product of U.C. Berkeley School of Architecture, Nova University Masters in Business Administration and FIU's Masters of Science in Finance.

Business and Travel

I have lived and worked in Singapore, Bolivia and the U.S. For the past 18 years I have managed and operated my own eBusiness. The first ten as a brick-and-mortar and the last eight, as a fully cloud-based online business. Before selling it, this eBusiness was my real-working lab where I tested and applied all my strategic business theories. All my knowledge and experience now gets applied to Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking.

As a digital marketer and business owner, I spend most of my time learning and applying strategies on how to grow a business so I can sell it at a profit.  I share everything I learned over the past 18+ years in my online courses.

Since my target market are B2B middle market companies, I am not able to share my results on any of my courses due to non-disclosure constraints.  To overcome this challenge, I built SovereignWomen [dot] net as a real-live Case Study for all my online courses. Everything I teach is first applied in real life, and then I build a course using the real outcome and data:

My first course "The COMPLETE Business Ideas Blueprint for Startups!"  is the actual research and validation I did for SovereignWomen [dot] net PRIOR to starting that business, buying the domain or even coming up with the name.  This course goes in depth on how to see if you have a potential winner before you spend time or money building a business.  So if you want to know the REAL numbers behind SovereignWomen [dot] net all you have to do is take this course and apply the same techniques to any potential business idea you may have in order to mitigate risk of failure.

My second course "The COMPLETE Digital Marketing and Sales Funnel Blueprint!" is the actual digital marketing blueprint I use for my clients.  It is also the exact blueprint I used to develop SovereignWomen [dot] net.  If you want to learn how to build an online business, your best bet is to take this course first.  You will understand how to strategically structure your marketing campaigns before spending a penny on wasted ads or promotions.  I built this course to validate my idea in the first course Business Ideas.  In other words, the first course (Business Ideas) gave me the numbers I needed to find out if my idea was viable and the second course (Digital Marketing) confirmed that people were willing to buy what I had to sell. 

My third course "The COMPLETE Business Development For Startups & Small Biz" is the exact methodology I use to build alliances and partnerships.  When you go to SovereignWomen [dot] net, you see a coherent site where you can find everything you need to learn, plan, launch and manage your marketing campaigns.  What you do not see, are the numerous ventures, partnerships and alliances silently performing on the back-end.  This third course shows you how to approach potential partners and alliances to grow your business fast and is based on the exact same methods I use when building partnerships.

So as you can see, I actually do what I teach.  The reason sometimes it takes me a long time to launch a course, is because I am waiting for data and results before I share them with you.  I have made huge mistakes in my business life that have cost me dearly.  I know that if I approach my courses this way, I can have the peace of mind, that what I am showing you is real, that it works, that it can help you...while minimizing any potential business risk if applied properly. 

To your success!

Jackie Burgoa


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