Iulian Novac

Medical Doctor and Entrepreneur

I'm a Medical Doctor and entrepreneur. My purpose is to create systems that spread knowledge that empower people to live healthy, happy and productive lives.

I believe that natural daily habits are the best way to achieve this goal - and we can practice them in the easiest and pleasurable way possible!

My studies have begun in one of the finest medical schools in Europe, in the heart of Transylvania - in Cluj-Napoca. Besides studying alopathic medicine I have also immersed myself in holistic healing and alternative medicine, studying the best materials I could find.

Chance would have it that I could learn from the best experts in the world when it came to natural healing and holistic health. I also worked with hundreds of individuals with impressive results. However, it is not I who have given them those results - they put in all the effort and Nature only responded to their right actions. I was merely a guide for them.

It took a total of 10 years and studying at least 1.000 books to get a complete view on holistic healing and natural healing - but now I can proudly say that I can help anyone with any health condition, regardless of how advanced it is or how resistant to "traditional" treatments it is. Nevertheless, my education will never end as I am a long-life learner.

To help as many people as possible I have created Real Health Institute, one of the most reputable organisations out there that empowers people to reclaim their health using simple, natural and proven strategies to reverse chronic health issues.

Although the methods I recommend are simple and straightforward, many times people need an individualized, specific approach to their health issues. If you want a personal consultation make sure to contact me and I'll do my best to assist you.

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