Ibrahim Saricicek

GIS & Java Developer at Mobiliz IT & Communication

Can be reached from https://www.linkedin.com/in/ibrahimsaricicek

@ Mobiliz IT & Communication

From August, 2009 - Now

-Web development with Java / Spring Framework using Eclipse, Hybernate, Maven, Jdbc, Svn, Git.
& web map development with Javascript, LeafLet, AngularJs,
Bootstrap, OpenLayers, ExtJs, GeoExt, Google Maps Api, Google Fusion
Tables, Jquery, Google Earth Api and "Kml in Google Maps".
-Geocoding and reverse-geocoding on Postgis with pl/Pgsql (~ 1.7 billion monthly).
(Google Maps Data Provider) data converting to Postgresql/Postgis (with
ogr2ogr) and cartographic design with Mapserver, GeoServer, Mapbox
Studio, Tilecache, GeowebCache.
-Database administration (spatial indexing, performance optimization) & PL/pgSQL programming on PostgreSQL.
-Spatial data management with MapInfo, MapBasic, 'PostGIS geometry processing functions', Quantum Gis, ArcGis, Netcad.

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