HUVIAiR Technologies is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles training, consulting and services company based in Bangalore, India.

Vikshut Mundkur, the instructor in our courses, is the CEO and co-founder of Huviair Technologies. He's an electronics engineer with a passion for technology, innovation and business. Over the past 3 years, he has especially developed a passion for drone technology.

He has mastered drone surveying and data processing techniques. He's also developed processes for collecting customer requirements, planning and executing drone flights to capture data, using the right software to process the data and finally post processing and generating reports for clients. He has an in depth understanding of photogrammetry, surveying techniques, terrain mapping and using GIS and CAD software.

HUVIAiR primarily provides the following services to the customers-

Training – We have designed two online courses "Land Surveying with Drones - Fly, Process, Analyze 1 and 2" that enable anyone to become drone survey professionals. We also conduct training sessions for corporates and educational institutions.

Consulting – As part of our consulting services, we work with drone pilots and land surveyors to integrate drone survey services into their existing businesses. We provide support with the use of software for Flight planning, Data capture, Image processing, Post processing, Report generation and go to Market strategies.

Services – As part of our services, we have expertise in conducting Geo-referenced aerial surveys and capturing intelligent data to produce quality outputs as required by our clients. Our services are used by clients from various sectors such as Renewable energy developers, Governments, Commercial builders, Corporates, Mining/quarrying industries, Oil and gas sector, NGOs, Farmers, Planters, Public sector units etc.

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