Hira Mariam

Bootstrap 4 Developer and Teacher

Hi, I'm Hira. I have a degree in Information Technology from Middlesex University London. I am the founder of WebGig and I have helped several brands and industries to reinvent themselves by offering them my expertise.

I am here to help you innovate, create and achieve your dreams through exclusive learning of new skills so that you can grow both personally and professionally. 

"Learn to capture dreams, visions, floating thoughts and to synthesize them into your plans."

I have a passion for anything related to the digital world. I wrote my first program at the age of 14 and since then I have immersed myself in the study of computers, programming, the Internet, and Internet culture. 

I always believe that it's not enough to just live in the world as it is and take what ever is give to you or what people tell you to do. The best way to be innovative is to be always questioning. 

"In the growth mindset, success comes from growing. Effort is what it’s all about — it’s what makes you grow. When you get good at something, you put it aside and look for something harder so that you can keep growing."

My main goal is to connect with people, the more and more people I connect with the more excited I am.

Thank you for taking my courses. I am honored that you are spending time enjoying what I have created for you. I create everything with a hope so that you can live the life you are meant to and I am trying to make it easier to learn the things I already know about.

Let's have an impact together, see you in class!

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