Henry Chen

Amazon Self-Publishing Guru | Dance Instructor

Henry Chen has changed the lives of writers and solopreneurs by helping them grow their personal and professional brands. He is the Author Strategist of Leopard Publishing, a company that helps authors and aspiring self-publishing authors to publish their books successfully. Although he has many passions, including digital publishing, he is also an avid breakdancer as well. Henry enjoys helping people through online courses.

Amazon Publishing: More than five years (Awarded Bestseller)

Breakdancing 8+ years (Silverback Open Championship Competitor)

Would you like to learn how to become a successful Self-Publisher on Amazon?

Would you like to learn how to get reviews for your books on Amazon?

Would you like to become an Amazon Bestseller?

Perhaps you would even like to learn how to dance?


Also known by the name Henrae.

Lived in Brooklyn, NY.

Now lives in Austin, TX.

Likes Cats.

Likes to read nonfiction books.

Sometimes binge watch Star Wars.

Loves to learn and help people.

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