Dr. Heather Pizzo

The Baby Sleep Coach

    I’m Dr. Heather Pizzo, also known as the Baby Sleep Coach, and I have spent years researching, analyzing, and comparing sleep coaching methods. Since babies are not born with manuals and appear to be very complex beings, I have created a program to help you easily maneuver your way through the maze we call parenthood and get your baby to sleep.
    I, too, was once a parent in your shoes. When my first child was born, I could have never imagined how sleep deprived as a new mother I would have been until it actually happened. My first son only liked to sleep for short periods of time (forty minutes or less). I was exhausted and could not even carry out my daily tasks. I often found myself in tears and doubting my ability as a mother. Life with a new baby was not how I envisioned.
    After much time spent surfing the internet, talking with other mothers and reading a few books, my darling bundle of joy really became a bundle of joy. After much experimenting, I had found the perfect combination of techniques or so I thought…
    Then my second son was born and he was my worst nightmare! He would not sleep during the day unless I was holding him. And if I was holding him, he would only sleep for brief periods of time (thirty minutes or less). He was up many times throughout the night and would often not want to go back to sleep. He hated the swing, hated the bouncy seat, and hated the car! It was then that I desperately began searching for a solution and came upon some age old wisdom that allowed me to develop The Baby Sleep Coach System. Within days, my second son began to sleep through the night for eleven to twelve hours straight. I was amazed at how my two children were so different in how I had to coach them to sleep. It was then that I decided to pursue my passion as an infant and child sleep coach and help other tired parents overcome or avoid the misery that goes along with not getting enough sleep.
    I am now an infant/child sleep specialist who has coached many tired parents on how to develop good sleep patterns in their children. I have a doctoral degree in psychology and years of experience working with children. Above all, I have succeeded in getting many children to go to bed happily, nap well during the day, and sleep through the night, every night.
    Starting tonight, I want to help you get your baby to sleep without having to spend excess time researching methods, and without the wasted money on numerous sleep books and poorly trained sleep consultants.

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