GlitchyBot Learn

Mobile App/Game Development and Online Teaching Company

GlitchyBot is a tech startup founded by Abdullah Rashid, GlitchyBot's aim is to create apps and games that are engaging and appealing and apart from this we love to teach other developers and aspiring entrepreneurs how to code! GlitchyBot has produced games and apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod and android. Their apps have been featured by apple in over a 100 countries. The latest app that got featured in the iPhone and the iPad app store was the iDroplets sticker pack which got a chance to stay on top banner for 21 days!

Abdullah is the Founder & CEO of the tech startup GlitchyBOT, he has a team of skillful and intelligent people who work tirelessly to make online learning experience worthwhile. 

The GlitchyBOT learn team has one aim to help people reveal hidden talents and guide them into the world of startups and programming.

Our courses on udemy will help you grow and will provide you knowledge and skills so you can achieve all your dream goals! If you have that desire and passion to make all your dreams a reality, we are with you!

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