Gilbert Mizrahi

Entrepreneur, growth marketer and technologist

Hi there. My name is Gilbert Mizrahi. My business cards have said such things as CEO, Business Strategy and Product Development Consultant, Senior Research Engineer, Senior Technologist, President and VP of Strategic Planning and Marketing among others.

The thing is, I am hardly defined by such titles. I am an entrepreneur, a strategist, a growth hacker, a technical geek, an inventor, a blogger, a very analytical guy and a few other things. 

In the last couple of years, I have been doing growth hacking consulting, combining my knowledge in marketing, technology and data analytics. Besides growth hacking, I have helped large and small enterprises defining their businesses and go to market strategies, and identifying their focus areas, MVP's (Minimum Viable Products) and road-maps.

My formal education is in operations research (MS from Stanford University). I started (founded or co-founded) five companies in digital cartography, computer graphics, commercial printing, eCommerce, and growth marketing agency. 

Many years ago I was a university instructor. I taught statistics for business and operations research at Universidad de Los Andes and Universidad Javeriana (Colombia) for 5+ years.

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