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Alpha Leader

My passion for learning and teaching has withstood the test of time as I began my career as a high school teacher after leaving university with a degree in Social Science, majoring in Industrial Psychology and Industrial Sociology. I started at the bottom of the corporate ladder post my teaching days and worked my way into a managerial position, within a large international insurance company. When I got there however, it became very apparent that I didn't have the leadership skill set I required to inspire my team into a state of excellence. This resulted in some very dark days... (actually years) as I started the process of teaching myself what a great leader is and what a great leader does, because I knew that becoming an alpha leader was a critical component of my team succeeding. 
It's harder than it sounds, not because the principles are difficult to understand. On the contrary, the principles of alpha leadership are very straightforward - but actually putting them into practice is the tricky part. It requires consistency, emotional intelligence, a genuine willingness to learn and of course, knowing how to fail fast, when you do fail (as we all do occasionally) and then more importantly, how to shift gears and move forward better, faster and stronger. 
I would like to show others what I learnt during my leadership journey, actively leading teams of people in highly stressful, multinational corporate environments.
I taught myself how to be an alpha leader and inspired the people who worked with me and for me into a state of excellence, ensuring that we smashed our goals and stayed connected to each other and the organization whilst we did so. 
This being said, I taught myself the hard way (probably because there was no Udemy when I was going through this process) but our world has changed, and learning how to actually apply the principles of leadership in the real world doesn't have to be as difficult as it was when I started. Join me as I show you how.  

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