George Flinn

A truly established doctor in the radiology field!

About Dr. George Flinn Personal Life

George Flinn lives in Memphis, Tenn. He received a bachelor's degree in engineering from the University of Mississippi and a medical degree from the University of Tennessee.

Flinn graduated in electrical engineering before attending medical school and specializing in Radiology. He was one of the first to use teleradiology to provide diagnoses to patients. He has seven radiology offices that serve western Tennessee and northern Mississippi.

Dr. George Flinn worked at the National Institute of Health while serving as a commander in the U.S. Public Health Service, where he refined the color processing of ultrasound, making it much easier to asses and diagnose abnormalities.

George is also the owner of Flinn Broadcasting, which has over 40 radio and television stations throughout the country.

Flinn has two children and three grandchildren.

Goals for Tennessee

As a successful businessman, Dr. Flinn cited job creation and opening up doors to personal success as key priorities. George knows that the country must do a better job in creating an environment desirable for business and jobs, and remove roadblocks that can prevent individuals from reaching their true potential.

George Flinn favors concentrating government spending on programs that show results in moving people forward, while shedding old programs that haven't delivered on their promises. “We have some programs that were created with good intent 40 or 50 years ago that just haven't done what they were supposed to do. Why not take the millions and millions of dollars from those programs and implement something better that might actually help people rise out of poverty, stabilize their small businesses, and encourage strong families?"

George has been on television stations to sharing the secrets of his success with as many people as possible. “I benefitted so much from good advice when I was struggling to make my business work and want to share what I have found that works in the hopes that it might help people shake off their self-imposed limitations and achieve success for themselves. When individuals are successful, the whole community, stae and country benefit."

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