George Katsilidis

Director/Editor, Udemy instructor

About George Katsilidis:

George did his bachelor in Biomedical department of Parma in Italy after he graduated from theGeneral Lyceum High School in Greece. Now he is a professional editor and cinematographer in Unique Productions that counts numerous projects such as short length movies, music videos, advertising and promotional videos for companies.

George Katsilidis is a young instructor and practically new to Udemy, but with 15 years experience in Martial Arts, Parkour/Freerunning/Tricking, Stunts, Gymnastics/Acrobatics, Fitness. He is certified by the International Taekwondo Federation as a 1st Dan black belt athlete in 2006. He did his first steps as an instructor in martial arts, parkour/freerunning and fitness 8 years ago and he still teaches many students. He was teaching parkour and fitness in foundation for young people with social problems in Italy for 2 years. His biography also includes personal training lessons for a wide range of ages!

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