About George Katsilidis:

George did his bachelor in Biomedical department of Parma in Italy after he graduated from theGeneral Lyceum High School in Greece. Now he is a professional editor and cinematographer in Unique Productions that counts numerous projects such as short length movies, music videos, advertising and promotional videos for companies.

George Katsilidis is a young instructor and practically new to Udemy, but with 15 years experience in Martial Arts, Parkour/Freerunning/Tricking, Stunts, Gymnastics/Acrobatics, Fitness and every kind of Movement. There are numerous competitions and championships that he took part included the World Freerunning Championship in 2012, 2014, 2015 in Santorini and the European Freerunning Championship in Italy in 2014! He also took part in Greek National Taekwondo championships, Italian Muay Thai and BJJ competitions! He is certified by the International Taekwondo Federation as a 1st Dan black belt athlete in 2006. He did his first steps as an instructor in martial arts, parkour/freerunning and fitness 8 years ago and he still teaches many students. He was teaching parkour and fitness in foundation for young people with social problems in Italy for 2 years. His biography also includes personal training lessons for a wide range of ages! George has created courses on Udemy, based on his experience and knowledge, to share with his students all the secrets that led him to success on sports!

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