Garrett Hohn

Homebrewing expert

Twelve years ago, I started with a bag of dry malt extract and a bucket just like everyone else who has become involved in this wonderful craft. At that time, I was the only one I knew who homebrewed so any lessons I learned were self taught. I was absolutely hooked but my nomadic lifestyle as a soon-to-be educator brought me to places such as Portland, Maui, Korea as well as my off-grid base of Montana. In order to continue my passion for brewing, I had to adapt to my surroundings; small spaces, high temperatures, language barrier, ingredient unavailability and a lack of electricity/fuel, be damned, I found a way to brew. Being able to make and source my own equipment was the only way I could make beer when I first arrived in Korea. Simply put, Korea was a landscape barren of quality beer and homebrewing equipment and ingredients.

Along the way, I taught a friend to brew over Skype sessions and started a brew club at the Korean university where I teach. Teaching brewing to students whose first language isn't English really makes you focus on the important parts while eliminating all the clatter.

Over those years, I have become obsessed with making and serving beer as efficiently and as simply as possible. I have two homes (one in Korea, and one in the US) so this gives me a unique view on beer making and how to further hone its efficiency. Because I've helped numerous friends get started from the ground-up (the ex-pat community in Korea can feel like a bit of a revolving door), I've had countless opportunities to refine brewing rigs.

In the last six years that I've been a resident in Korea, the beer brewing community has grown leaps and bounds. As a large part of this community, and founder of our local brewing club, I have had the pleasure of receiving several national 1st place awards for my home brews. As a humble tinkerer, it was a great honor to be recognized by my peers. While my methods and practices may be uniquely simple, they are proven to produce results.

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