Mme Gabrielle Sweets

Bilingual French Instructor

I love the French language, culture, and people, and am excited to share a bit of that love with you, my students! French is a part of me at home here in the states, where many of my good friends are French expatriates. Traveling to France has also been a big part of my life, and I have spent over 4 years of my life living in French-speaking countries both in Europe and Africa.

The child of a French mother and American father, I grew up in a dual world of language and culture as my mother spoke only French to me while my father spoke only English. Growing up, the first 18 years of my life were characterized by frequent trips to France to visit family and friends.

I spent a semester abroad in college studying in Toulouse, France. A bit later, I lived for 2 years in French-speaking Niger (a West African country) where I served with an NGO. Upon my return to the states, I obtained a Master's Degree in French Literature from Indiana University. For years afterward, I taught on the university level and then on the high school level (both private and public). The public school where I was involved was an International Baccalaureate school and I am certified to teach French IB. I currently tutor French from my home in order to create an environment for my own children to absorb the French language. My husband and I speak English to each other, but my children and I only speak fran├žais to each other. I also only speak francais to our cat!

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