Eyal Karoutchi

Senior Lecturer, Spiritual Life Coach & Marriage Counselor

Throughout his incredible life journey traveling the world seeking spiritual truth, mystical scholar Eyal Binyamin Karoutchi passed over a decade of extensive study of the teachings found within the American Indians, Buddhism, and Hinduism. He became an expert of this wisdom through his experiences living in monasteries in Thailand and India and studying with some of the foremost reputable sources on spirituality and religion. After many years of exploration and integration, he finally ventured onto the spiritual path of his roots found within Judaism and the ancient wisdom of the Old Testament. Returning to his native land of Israel, he began to learn the secret wisdom of the Holy Scriptures of Judaism with the same clarity as the other philosophies he had studied.

 Owing greatly to the Divine Chassidic wisdom, which came to the world through famed Jewish sages the H”Ari, Kadosh, Rabbi Yitzhak Luria, and the Holy Rabbi Israel Bal Shem Tov, Eyal learned a divine method of communication through observing the process of creation, which he incorporates into his own teachings today.

Currently, Eyal Binyamin Karoutchi is a senior lecturer and general manager at Ascent, a spiritual center for Jewish consciousness and the inner dimensions of Jewish life in the Holy city of Tzfat, Israel. He is certified in a variety of healing modalities such as CBT and NLP, and serves the community as a life coach, marriage counselor, mediator, communication advisor, and teaches yoga and Jewish meditation all over Israel and worldwide. 

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